2000 – Unreal Tournament True Type Font

This True Type font was created around December 2000, intended as X-Mas present to the (now defunct) unrealed.de mapping community. It has been designed to look like the logo of the games Unreal and Unreal Tournament by Epic.

After the font was published, it was quickly picked up and mirrored by many international UT fan sites. From there, it spread all around the world. Today, it can be found on almost every free-font site and thus decorates many random graphics all around the internet. The font even has a brief appearance in Unreal II!

Copyright information

The font is freely available in accordance with Epic Games' Fan Art Policy. This means you may use it for non-profit stuff but not in a commercial context - see section 1.1 of Epics policy.

UnrealT_TTF.zip (41 KB)

This is the ZIP file that can be found on almost every free-font website. It still contains the original readme file from 2000.