2004 - Alarm Clock Application for Windows

This application is an Alarm Clock for Windows. It can remind you of various things or run commands at a special time - see features.

Alarm Clock is licensed under a Creative Commons license - some rights reserved. 2005 by Thomas Radeke. BASS Audio Library is © 2005 by Ian Luck, all rights reserved.

This application was developed using Delphi 6 and is no longer maintained.


  • Alarm Clock function (down to seconds)
  • Can play sounds (MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV), start an internet radio stream, run a command and/or show a dialog box with customizable message - all freely combinable.
  • Snooze function
  • Ten freely settable preset buttons
  • Minimizes into the system tray

Compatibility and source code

Despite the last version being from 2004, the app runs just fine on modern systems, including Windows 7 and Linux (using WINE).

The Delphi 6 source code is also available and might even be ported over to Lazarus.

AlarmClock 1.4.1 EN.zip (853 KB)

English version of the application, includes source code.

Wecker 1.4.1 DE.zip (911 KB)

German version of the application, includes source code.

Hauptfenster der Anwendung
Status-Dialog nach Aktivierung