2005 – Music Video Lea


The Project

During fall 2005, a series of music videos were produced by the Information Design students of IND03 at the FH JOANNEUM Graz. In May 2006, they were presented at the MAK Vienna during a concert of Binder & Krieglstein. 15 videos were produced.


We had eight new songs by Rainer Binder-Krieglstein available and could choose one to create a video for. I chose the Song Lea, which evoked images of holidays, the beach and the sea in my mind. After some concept work and the creation of a mood board, a hand-drawn storyboard was made. The still images were edited in sync to the music, in order to prepare for filming.


Filming only took two days using a Canon XL1, at locations near the FH JOANNEUM and at home. After that, the footage was cut and edited with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash. The animated scenes were hand-drawn on top of the video footage in Flash, with a pen tablet. Different layered keying methods enabled the background to be replaced. Careful planning and testing resulted in a total production time of only three weeks.


Koncept, Storyboard, Camera, Effects and Actor

Thomas Radeke


Thomas Radeke, Roswitha Hubmann


Rainer Binder-Krieglstein

The music video

Explanation of the compositing pass

Pre-Visualisation (animated storyboard)