2006 – XMPlay Support Website


This website was dedicated to the Windows music player XMPlay and offered a wide range of files and articles in its support. Initially it was only a small archive website for old versions of XMPlay, but after some time it became the official support website and was completely rewritten with PHP.

Features of the site were:

  • A blog-like news system
  • An article system that allowed for hierachical articles that could be navigated linearly
  • A file and download system that allowed for comments and ratings
  • A comment moderation system that allowed for quick review and mass-deletion of spam
  • A user-friendly admin panel that even allowed for multiple users later on

In 2009, I gave up control of the website in favor of another long-time supporter from the community, who subsequently reworked the visual theme of the site. However, the core code that I have written in 2006 was still in use in 2013, seven years later.

The screenshots show the website as it was in 2008, before the redesign. The Internet Archive has a working copy of the old site, which can be browsed here.