2009 – Geopark Dellach (FH JOANNEUM)

As a commissioned work, the FH JOANNEUM designed the visitor center of the Geopark Dellach, which is a permanent geological exhibition in the community of Carinthian Dellach, Austria. The idea was to make the walls of the visitor center look like as if they were carved out of the rock. Additionally, multiple touchscreens with interactive geological maps were designed and developed.

3D model and sticky wallpaper

I created a precise 3D model of all the rooms, in order to simulate different layers of rock going through the walls, ceilings and floors in a believeable fashion. This model was then unwrapped and used as base for creating the actual, high-resolution images for printing the physical wallpaper. The resulting graphics were tested for perfect fit in the virtual model, before they were printed and applied to the walls. While planning the whole exhibition, I also created a few visualisations that helped set the final object placement and considerably influenced the whole appearance of the exhibition.

Interactive geographical maps

There are four touchscreens in the exhibition, which enable users to browse geological maps and see information and animations about Carinthia and Austria. My work on these screens was creating most of the user interface elements and the complete map material.