2013-10 – 3D-Printed Sansa Clip+/Zip Car Holder

While touchscreen devices are becoming ever more popular, portable music players with physical buttons are increasingly hard to find. However, such devices are much more practical while driving, because their physical buttons are providing haptic feedback and allow blind usage.

Sandisks Sansa Clip+ and Sansa Clip Zip music players do not only have physical buttons, but can also be upgraded with the Rockbox alternative firmware for portable music players. That firmware also enables spoken menus and file names, which makes it possible to use almost the entire device functionality without having to look at the display. But all the best usability means nothing if there is nothing that can hold the device while driving. This is why I created a holder that can be integrated into the car dashboard - in my case, a Skoda Octavia 1U. Some versions of that car come equipped with ESP, but those that don't, just have a plastic cover instead of a ESP button. That is the perfect place to fit your own holder into.

After measuring the music player and the ESP cover, I built a 3D model of a holder in Blender and printed it on a Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer. A little work was still required after building the holder, but it fits and works quite well. The front slot is made for the Sansa Clip+, but the Clip Zip fits quite well, too.

Octavia ESP-Blende.zip (162 KB)

3D files for the holder, Blender and STL formats. The "support" version contains additional support structures for 3D printing that should be removed afterwards.